Same Day Dental Crowns in Fullerton

CEREC Chairside Solutions. One visit dentistry.

CEREC is the unique CAD/CAM system for patient individual all-ceramic restorations in one single appointment. Together with CEREC you come quickly and safely to the desired results for both you and your patients: aesthetic restorations. A further important objective is also achieved, the creation of value can be increased in your practice.

To meet the individual needs of every single dentist we have expanded our product range to include two camera solutions and three different milling units making it even easier for you to make the right decision with CEREC for your practice.

  • The most used dental CAD/CAM system worldwide
  • Almost 30 years of successful continuous development
  • Over 28 million restorations placed
  • More than 250 scientific studies documenting clinical security
  • Proven long-term survival rate of 95%

Scan: Easy, fast, precise

Unrivalled handling, powder-free scanning and precise 3D images in natural color! Taking digital optical impressions is now so easy, intuitive and ergonomic.

Design: Intuitive, lifelike

CEREC has been supporting dentists for more than 30 years with digital impressions, creating virtual models as well as designing and producing restorations. Sirona has succeeded with continuous research and development in close collaboration with dental users and scientists to simplify use and set new standards in restorative dentistry.

Mill: Precise, fast, versatile

The similarities of the 3 CEREC milling units are that all of them deliver professional, long-lasting results in just a few minutes. They mill restorations with a textbook accuracy of ± 25 μm. The clearly laid-out control panel and colored status lighting ensure optimum ease of use.

CEREC indications and materials So convincing and versatile.

CEREC chairside opens up completely new possibilities: inlays, onlays, veneers, partial or full anatomical crowns and temporary bridges – created and placed during a single treatment session! This results in optimum indication flexibility, particularly in difficult situations.

Regardless of what challenges await you, CEREC is always the win-win option, delivering minimally invasive treatment, customized aesthetics and a sound return on investment. This is true both now and in the future. The CEREC system is undergoing continuous development and can be successively upgraded. For example, it is now possible to create affordable and precise surgical guides based on your CEREC system. Another two innovations in materials, the CEREC Blocs C In and sintered metal inCoris CC. The former allows an aesthetic anterior restoration in the interaction with the CEREC Software 4.2. The second, the material inCoris CC, is a sintering metal based on a CoCr alloy that, like the known zirconium oxide process, is first milled while oversized and then compacted by sintering in a furnace under argon atmosphere, for example with the inFire HTC speed.

CEREC materials geared to the highest demands

CEREC Blocs and CEREC Blocs PC (polychromatic)

Renowned manufacturers produce top-quality materials for the CEREC system:

enamel-like feldspar and glass ceramics, cementable lithium disilicate and high-performance polymers cover the entire spectrum of indications. These materials are tooth-conserving, biocompatible, clinically proven and long lasting.

CEREC aesthetics meet the highest demands

A simple polishing suffices to make the polychromatic ceramic restorations mimic the shading and translucency of a natural tooth. In addition, each restoration can be individually stained and glazed in just a few minutes. CEREC delivers aesthetic results to meet every demand – and every patient.